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adm-201 dumps 2022

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ADM-201 exam questions online exam practice


Universal Containers has two sales groups. Each group has its own unique sales process.
How can an administrator ensure that sales representatives have access to only the stages relevant to their process
when working on opportunities?

A. Multi-select picklists
B. Record types
C. Page layouts
D. Roles



All of the following actions may take place on a Workflow Rule EXCEPT:

A. Outbound API message
B. Update Field
C. Create a Task
D. Create an Event



Northern Trail Outfitters uses a custom object Invoice to collect customer payment information from an external billing
system. The Billing System field needs to be filled in on every Invoice record.
How should an administrator ensure this requirement?

A. Make the field universally required.
B. Define an approval process for the field.
C. Require the field on the record type.
D. Create a Process Builder to set the field.



Salesforce.com instance has Multiple Currencies as Activated. What is the maximum granularity available for tracking
changes in Currency Rates

A. 1 Week
B. 1 Day
C. 1 Hour
D. 1 Minute



Users with access to opportunities as sales team members cannot extend sharing for those records:

A. True
B. False



A customer created a case using web to case. They contacted phone support to get an update on the cave two days
later. The support agent cannot find the case although the customer is positive that it was created and logged.
What should the administrator reference to troubleshoot this issue?

A. Validation rules
B. Contact email address
C. Setup Audit Trail
D. Assignment rules



AW Computing would like to improve its Case Lightning record page by including:
A filtered component to display a message in bold font when a Case is saved as a critical record type.
A quick way to update the Account status from the Case layout.
Which two components should an administrator use to satisfy these requests?
Choose 2 answers

A. Record detail
B. Related record
C. Rich text
D. Related list



Recent item and Lookup Hovers use the Record Mini Page.

A. True
B. False



Can you include attachments in the Data Export.

A. True
B. False



A sales team is a set of users that normally work together on _________ ?

A. Accounts
B. Leads
C. Opportunities
D. Contacts
E. Cases



Cloud Kicks has created a screen flow for their sales team to use when they add new Leads. The screen
flow collects name, email, and shoe preference.
Which two things should the administrator do to display the screen flow?
Choose 2 answers

A. Create a tab and add the screen flow to the page.
B. Install an app from the AppExchange.
C. Add the flow in the utility bar of the console.
D. Use a flow element and add the screen flow to the record page.



Universal Containers wants to create a custom object to capture account survey data Users must be able to select an
account from the survey record and view related surveys on the account record. Which two actions should the system
administrator take to meet these requirements?Choose 2 answers

A. Add the account related list to the survey page layout.
B. Add the survey related list to the account page layout.
C. Create a lookup relationship field on the survey object.
D. Create a lookup relationship field on the account object.

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