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Which of the following accurately describe Solution Manager functionality? (Choose three.)

A. System recommendations provide a worklist of potentially relevant security notes.
B. Configuration validation helps to standardize and harmonize security-related configuration items for ABAP systems
C. SAP SOS self-service is a convenient entry point to introduce security monitoring.
D. Configuration validation can check if security policies were applied.
E. SAP EWA provides the most comprehensive security check.



Which of the following describes an Authorization Object class?

A. It defines a group of 1 to 10 authorization fields together.
B. It defines the smallest unit against which an authorization check can be run.
C. It defines a logical grouping of authorization objects.
D. It defines authorizations for different authorization objects.



What content can be shared between the SAP Access Control and SAP Cloud Identity and Access Governance
products? (Choose three.)

A. Mitigations
B. Risk library
C. Emergency access
D. Process hierarchy
E. Mitigation controls



Which of the following accurately describes the role/profile SAP_NEW? (Choose two.)

A. The profile SAP_NEW provides authorization for all new objects and objects changed by release.
B. Organizational levels need to be maintained in profile SAP_NEW.
C. The role SAP_NEW does not guarantee backward compatibility for all scenarios.
D. The role SAP_NEW must be generated in accordance with the system environment using the report



Which of the following are SAPUI5 Fiori application types? (Choose two.)

A. Analytical
B. Web Dynpro
C. Transactional
D. Legacy



How can you enforce an additional transaction start authorization check for a custom transaction?

A. Maintain the SU24 entry for the custom transaction and adding the desired authorization object, setting the Check
Indicator to “Check” and setting Proposal to Yes.

B. Using transaction SE93, update the custom transaction definition by specifying the desired authorization object and
maintaining the desired field values.

C. Without additional custom development it is not possible to add another check during transaction start.

D. For each role containing the custom transaction, add the desired authorization object manually in transaction PFCG,
maintain the field values and then generate the profile.



Which of the following functionalities are supported by SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)? (Choose three.)

A. Data Destruction
B. Data Archiving
C. Data Retention
D. Data Logging
E. Alert Notification



SAP Cloud Identity and Access Governance consists of which of the following software services? (Choose three.)

A. Access Request
B. User Access Certification
C. Emergency Access Management
D. Access Analysis
E. Role Design



Which UCON phase blocks the access to RFC Function Modules without an assigned Communication Assembly?

A. Logging
B. Configuration
C. Activation
D. Evaluation



You are configuring authorizations to secure access to table data using transaction SM31 and you encounter
authorization object S_TABU_DIS and field DICBERCLS. How can this field be used to secure access?

A. It allows you to specify access to a specific client-independent table.
B. It allows you to specify access to tables referenced by a specific program group.
C. It allows you to specify access to tables associated with a specific authorization group.
D. It allows you to specify access to a specific client-dependent table.



Which of the following authorization objects would be required to allow back-end server access to a Web Dynpro
application using the SAP Fiori Launchpad?




Which feature is available in the CommonCryptoLib scenario provided by SAP Security Library?

C. Secure Store and Forward (SSF)
D. Hardware Security Module (HSM)



Which is the frequency of SAP Patch day?

A. Yearly
B. Quarterly
C. Weekly
D. Monthly

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