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Question 1:

What are three of the requirements to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for the IP Office server to communicate with Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS)? (Choose three.)

A. The signed certificate needs in .pern format and then imported into IP Office.

B. The signed certificate needs to be renamed to .crt and converted to pl2 format then imported into IP Office.

C. Use the CA server Public or Private to generate the signed certificate.

D. Use an OpenSSL server to generate the CSR and a private key from the Openssl. cf.

E. CA server used to generate the signed certificate must be an SMGR-based Private CA.

Correct Answer: CDE

Question 2:

What are three of the Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS) data sets that must be backed up to protect the ACCS system? (Choose three.)

A. WebLM





Correct Answer: ACE

Question 3:

Which two statements about Thick Provisioning are true? (Choose two.)

A. It prevents the over-allocation of hard disk resources.

B. It improves hard disk performance.

C. It allows the Software Appliance image to be deployed faster.

D. It requires less disk space overall than Thin Provisioning.

Correct Answer: AD

Question 4:

When configuring a scheduled backup using the Contact Center Database Maintenance utility, which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

A. You can schedule multiple applications for backup in a single scheduling task.

B. The backup folder contains backup files for each application you select.

C. You can schedule on a frequency of a specific date.

D. Regularly occurring backups create a new backup folder for the previous backup.

E. You can only back up one database (either CCMS, CCMA, CCT, or CCMM) at a time.

Correct Answer: BCE

Question 5:

Information in the Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS) historical database Is summarized into interval, daily, weekly, and monthly summaries.

If the current time is 8:05 AM, when could the first interval report be created that would include current activity?

A. Any time after 8:05 AM

B. After midnight

C. After 8:15 AM

D. After 9:00 AM

Correct Answer: D

Question 6:

Which tool or web page does the administrator use to manually synchronize IP Office and Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS) user data?

A. ACCS, Configuration component

B. ACCS, Contact Center Manager component

C. IP Office Web Manager

D. IP Office System Status

Correct Answer: D

Question 7:

Which two statements about Campus Business Continuity are true? (Choose two.)

A. The active and standby Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS) servers are in different network subnets and/or campus locations.

B. The active and standby servers must be in the same location and network subnet using static IP addresses.

C. To support Business Continuity resiliency, the Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS) agents must each have an associated Windows domain user account in the same Windows domain as the active and standby servers.

D. The active and standby Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS) must be visualized on the same VMware host servers.

Correct Answer: D

Question 8:

Which two statements about the Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS) skillset are true? (Choose two.)

A. Skillsets are only used for reporting purposes.

B. A skillset is a group of activity codes used for reporting purposes.

C. A skillset is a group of agents whose skills are similar.

D. Skillsets are referenced in both application flows and scripts.

Correct Answer: BD

Question 9:

Which Contact Center component was previously using a combination of Active Directory – Lightweight Directory Services (AD-LDS) and Microsoft Access databases?





Correct Answer: D

Question 10:

In the Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS) System Control and Monitor Utility, a gray padlock next to a service may indicate which two conditions? (Choose two.)

A. The service was disabled because it is not being used.

B. The service is not licensed.

C. The patches for that service are out of date.

D. The service is in the process of shutting down.

Correct Answer: BC

Question 11:

How can a reset assignment be identified?

A. The reset assignment may be named by the user to distinguish it from the original.

B. The name will appear in the preset folder.

C. The name will have two underscores behind the original assignment name.

D. The name will have a .res extension.

Correct Answer: B

Question 12:

Which three methods of adding agents does Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS) support? (Choose three.)

A. Contact Center Management multi-add option

B. Contact Center Management add agent

C. Contact Center Management adds many users

D. Contact Center Configuration Tool

E. Contact Center Management creates a copy

Correct Answer: ACD

Question 13:

What is the function of the Data Synchronization process?

A. It is used by IP Office to pull agent data from the Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS) system.

B. t is used by IP Office to push agent data to the Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS) system.

C. It is used by the Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS) system to push agent data to the IP Office.

D. It Is used by the Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS) system to pull agent data from the IP Office.

Correct Answer: D

Question 14:

Which statement about the function of the Access Class In Access and Partition Management Is true?

A. The Access Class will prevent a user from modifying skillset properties.

B. An Access Class will limit the Launchpad links a user may access.

C. The Access Class will be used to limit the user to report on specific contact center agents.

D. Access Classes will be used to limit a user to specific report groups.

Correct Answer: D

Question 15:

Which three tools can be used to show the status of the SIP extension used for calls that are not arriving at the Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS)? (Choose three.)

A. Window Event Viewer

B. ACCS SGM Management Client

C. IP Office System Monitor Tool

D. IP Office Web Manager

E. IP Office System Status Application

Correct Answer: ACD


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