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A developer needs an Apex method that can process Account or Contact records. Which method signature should the developer use?

A. Public void doWork(Record theRecord)
B. Public void doWork(sObject theRecord)
C. Public void doWork(Account Contact)
D. Public void doWork(Account || Contatc)

Correct Answer: B


Opportunity opp=[SELECT Id, StageName FROM Opportunity LIMIT 1]; Given the code above, how can a developer get the label for the StageName field?

A. Call Opportunity.StageName.Label
B. Call Opportunity.StageName.getDescribe().getLabel()
C. Call Opp.StageName.getDescri
D. Call Opp.StageName.Label

Correct Answer: B


A Next Best Action strategy uses an Enhanced Element that invokes an Apex method to determine a discount level for a Contact, based on a number of factors. What is the correct definition of the Apex method?

A. @InvocableMethod global static ListRecommendation getLevel(List input) { /implementation/ }
B. @InvocableMethod global static List getLevel(List input) { /implementation/ }
C. @InvocableMethod global List getLevel(List input) { /implementation/ }
D. @InvocableMethod global Recommendation getLevel (ContactWrapper input) { /implementation/ }

Correct Answer: B


A developer wants to use all of the functionality provided by the standard controller for an object but needs to override the Save standard action in a controller extension.

Which two are required in the controller extension class?

A. Create a method named Save with a return data type of preference.
B. Create a method that references this.superSave()
C. Define the class with a constructor that takes an instance of StandardController as a parameter.
D. Define the class with a constructor that creates a new instance of the StandardController class.

Correct Answer: AC


How would a developer determine if a CustomObject__c record has been manually shared with the current user in Apex?

A. By querying the role hierarchy.
B. By calling the isShared() method for the record.
C. By querying CustomObject__Share.
D. By calling the profile settings of the current user.

Correct Answer: C


Which collection type provides unique key/value pairings of data?

A. Map
B. List
C. Array
D. Set

Correct Answer: A


A developer has javascript code that needs to be called by controller functions in multiple components by extending a new abstract component.
Which resource in the abstract component bundle allows the developer to achieve this?

A. Controller.js

B. Superrender.js

C. Rendered.js

D. Helper.js

Correct Answer: D


A developer runs the following anonymous code block:List acc = [SELECT Id FROM Account LIMIT 10];Delete acc;Database.emptyRecycleBin(acc);system.debug(Limits.getDMLStatements()+ , +Limits.getLimitDMLStatements());What is the result?

A. 11, 150
B. 150, 2
C. 150, 11
D. 2, 150

Correct Answer: D


Universal Containers wants to back up all of the data and attachments in its Salesforce org once a month. Which approach should a developer use to meet this requirement?

A. Use the Data Loader command line.
B. Create a Schedulable Apex class.
C. Schedule a report.
D. Define a Data Export scheduled job.

Correct Answer: D


A developer writes the following code:

What is the result of the debug statement?

A. 1, 100
B. 1, 150
C. 2, 150
D. 2, 200

Correct Answer: C


What should a developer do to check the code coverage of a class after running all tests?

A. View the Code Coverage column in the view on the Apex Classes page.
B. View the Class test Coverage tab on the Apex Class record.
C. view the overall Code Coverage panel of the tab in the Developer Console.
D. Select and run the class on the Apex Test Execution page

Correct Answer: B


Using the Schema Builder, a developer tries to change the API name of a field that is referenced in an
Apex test class.
What is the end result?

A. The API name is not changed and there are no other impacts.
B. The API name of the field and the reference in the test class is changed.
C. The API name of the field is changed, and a warning is issued to update the class.
D. The API name of the field and the reference in the test class is updated.

Correct Answer: C


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