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Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate Certification Overview

Oracle Database technology is used by the world’s leading companies to manage critical business functions, systems and processes.

  • Oracle Database is the number one database in the world.
  • Over 305,000 top companies trust their critical systems to Oracle Database.
  • Oracle Database is the number one embedded database technology.

In fact, 97% of Global Fortune 500 companies use Oracle software. Well-trained, highly-skilled database professionals who can manage critical systems are in high demand.

The process of becoming Oracle Database certified broadens your knowledge and skills by exposing you to a wide array of important database features, functions and tasks. Oracle Database certification teaches you how to perform complex, hands-on activities through labs, study and practice.

Additionally, Oracle certification exams validate your capabilities using real-world, scenario-based questions that assess and challenge your ability to think and perform.

With the 12c release, Oracle Database is re-engineered for Cloud computing. Multitenant architecture brings enterprises unprecedented hardware and software efficiencies, performance and manageability benefits, and fast and efficient Cloud provisioning. Oracle Database 12c certifications emphasize the full set of skills that DBAs need in today’s competitive marketplace.

The Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) for Oracle Database 12c assesses fundamental concepts and skills DBAs need for daily operational management and maintenance.
Building upon the competencies in the Oracle Database 12c OCA certification, the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) for Oracle Database 12c includes the advanced knowledge and skills required of top-performing database administrators, including development and deployment of backup, recovery and Cloud computing strategies.
The Oracle Certified Master (OCM) for Oracle Database 12c – a very challenging and elite top-level certification – certifies the most highly skilled and experienced database experts.

Free test Oracle Database 1Z0-062 Exam questions and Answers

Which two categories of segments are analyzed by the Automatic Segment Advisor? (Choose two.)
A. segments in tablespaces that have exceeded a critical or warning space threshold
B. segments that have the highest growth rate in a database
C. segments that are sparsely populated and have more than 10% of free space below the high water mark.
D. segments that have unusable indexes
E. segments for tables created using ADVANCED ROW COMPRESSION
Correct Answer: AB

Examine the parameters:lead4pass 1z0-062 exam question q2

Users complain that their sessions for certain transactions hang. You investigate and discover that some users fail to
complete their transactions, causing other transactions to wait on row-level locks.
Which two actions would you take to prevent this problem? (Choose two.)
A. Increase the maximum number of ITL slots for segments on which a blocking user performs a transaction.
B. Decrease the SESSIONS_PER_USER limit in the profiles assigned to blocking users.
C. Set a limit in the profiles of blocking users to control the number of data blocks that can be accessed in a session.
D. Use Database Resource Manager to automatically kill the sessions that are idle and are blocking other sessions.
E. Decrease the IDLE_TIME resource limit in the profiles assigned to blocking users.
Correct Answer: BD

In your Oracle 12c database, you invoke SQL *Loader Express Mode command to load data:
$> sqlldr hr/hr table=employees
Which two statements are true about this command? (Choose two.)
A. It succeeds and creates the EMPLOYEES table in the HR schema if the table does not exist.
B. It fails because the SQL *Loader control file location is not specified.
C. It fails because the SQL *Loader data file location is not specified.
D. It succeeds with default settings if the EMPLOYEES table belonging to the HR schema is already defined in the
E. It succeeds even if the HR user does not have the CREATE DIRECTORY privilege.
Correct Answer: DE

You create a new pluggable database, HR_PDB, from the seed database. Which three tablespaces are created by
default in HR_PDB? (Choose three.)
Correct Answer: ABE
A PDB would have its SYSTEM, SYSAUX, TEMP tablespaces.It can also contains other user created tablespaces in it.
Oracle Database creates both the SYSTEM and SYSAUX tablespaces as part of every database.
Use these clauses to specify attributes for all data files comprising the SYSTEM and SYSAUX tablespaces in the seed
Not D: a PDB can not have an undo tablespace. Instead, it uses the undo tablespace belonging to the CDB.
Example: CONN [email protected]
SELECT tablespace_name FROM dba_tablespaces;

Which three statements are true about Enterprise Manager Database Express? (Choose three.)
A. It can be used to perform database backup operations.
B. It can use the HTTP protocol.
C. The same port number is used for multiple Database Express configurations on the same host.
D. It can use the HTTPS protocol.
E. It is available only when the database is open.
Correct Answer: BDE

Which statement is true about using the Export/Import method for migrating data when upgrading to Oracle Database
A. It automatically restarts a Data Pump Export or Import job after a failure is connected and the job continues from the
point of failure.
B. It can be used to migrate a database only if the source and target databases are hosted on the same endian format.
C. It can be used to migrate a database only if the source database does not have any tablespace in read-only mode.
D. It allows migration of a database directly over network links.
Correct Answer: D

You perform RMAN backups for your database and use a recovery catalog for managing the backups. To free space,
you execute this command:
Which three statements are true is this scenario? (Choose three.)
A. The backup sets marked as expired are deleted.
B. The information related to the backups is removed from the recovery catalog and the control file.
C. The physical files related to the backup need to be manually deleted.
D. The physical files related to the backup are deleted automatically.
E. The backups deleted are based on the backup retention policy.
Correct Answer: BDE

Which two statements are true concerning dropping a pluggable database (PDB)? (Choose two.)
A. The PDB must be open in read-only mode.
B. The PDB must be in mount state.
C. The PDB must be unplugged.
D. The PDB data files are always removed from disk.
E. A dropped PDB can never be plugged back into a multitenant container database (CDB).
Correct Answer: BC

Examine the following commands for redefining a table with Virtual Private Database (VPD) policies:lead4pass 1z0-062 exam question q9Which two statements are true about redefining the table? (Choose two.)
A. All the triggers for the table are disabled without changing any of the column names or column types in the table.
B. The primary key constraint on the EMPLOYEES table is disabled during redefinition.
C. VPD policies are copied from the original table to the new table during online redefinition.
D. You must copy the VPD policies manually from the original table to the new table during online redefinition.
Correct Answer: BC
C (not D): CONS_VPD_AUTO Used to indicate to copy VPD policies automatically
/ The DBMS_RLS package contains the fine-grained access control administrative interface, which is used to implement
Virtual Private Database (VPD).DBMS_RLS is available with the Enterprise Edition only.
CONS_USE_PK and CONS_USE_ROWID are constants used as input to the “options_flag” parameter in both the
START_REDEF_TABLE Procedure and CAN_REDEF_TABLE Procedure. CONS_USE_ROWID is used to indicate that
redefinition should be done using rowids while CONS_USE_PK implies that the redefinition should be done using
primary keys or pseudo-primary keys (which are unique keys with all component columns having NOT NULL
To achieve online redefinition, incrementally maintainable local materialized views are used. These logs keep track of
the changes to the master tables and are used by the materialized views during refresh synchronization.
Prior to calling this procedure, you must manually create an empty interim table (in the same schema as the table to be
redefined) with the desired attributes of the post-redefinition table, and then call this procedure to initiate the

The ORCL database is configured to support shared server mode. You want to ensure that a user connecting remotely
to the database instance has a one-to-one ratio between client and server processes. Which connection method
guarantees that this requirement is met?
A. connecting by using an external naming method
B. connecting by using the easy connect method
C. creating a service in the database by using the dbms_service.create_service procedure and using this service for
creating a local naming service
D. connecting by using the local naming method with the server = dedicated parameter set in the tnsnames.ora file for
the net service
E. connecting by using a directory naming method
Correct Answer: D

Which three statements are true about using flashback database in a multitenant container database (CDB)? (Choose
three.) (Choose three.)
A. The root container can be flashed back without flashing back the pluggable databases (PDBs).
B. To enable flashback database, the CDB must be mounted.
C. Individual PDBs can be flashed back without flashing back the entire CDB.
D. The DB_FLASHBACK RETENTION_TARGET parameter must be set to enable flashback of the CDB.
E. A CDB can be flashed back specifying the desired target point in time or an SCN, but not a restore point.
Correct Answer: ABD

Which three operations can be performed as multipartition operations in Oracle? (Choose three.)
A. Merge partitions of a list partitioned table
B. Drop partitions of a list partitioned table
C. Coalesce partitions of a hash-partitioned global index.
D. Move partitions of a range-partitioned table
E. Rename partitions of a range partitioned table
F. Merge partitions of a reference partitioned index
Correct Answer: ABF
Multipartition maintenance enables adding, dropping, truncate, merge, split operations on multiple partitions.
A: Merge Multiple Partitions:
The new “ALTER TABLE … MERGE PARTITIONS ” help merge multiple partitions or subpartitions with a single
statement. When merging multiple partitions, local and global index operations and semantics for inheritance of
unspecified physical attributes are the same for merging two partitions.
B: Drop Multiple Partitions:
The new “ALTER TABLE … DROP PARTITIONS ” help drop multiple partitions or subpartitions with a single statement.
view plaincopy to clipboardprint?
SQL> ALTER TABLE Tab_tst1 DROP PARTITIONS Tab_tst1_PART5, Tab_tst1_PART6, Tab_tst1_PART7;
Table altered SQL> Restrictions :
-You can\\’t drop all partitions of the table.
-If the table has a single partition, you will get the error: ORA-14083: cannot drop the only partition of a partitioned.

You upgrade your Oracle database in a multiprocessor environment. As a recommended you execute the following
SQL > @utlrp.sql
Which two actions does the script perform? (Choose two.)
A. Parallel compilation of only the stored PL/SQL code
B. Sequential recompilation of only the stored PL/SQL code
C. Parallel recompilation of any stored PL/SQL code
D. Sequential recompilation of any stored PL/SQL code
E. Parallel recompilation of Java code
F. Sequential recompilation of Java code
Correct Answer: CE
utlrp.sql and utlprp.sql
The utlrp.sql and utlprp.sql scripts are provided by Oracle to recompile all invalid objects in the database. They are
typically run after major database changes such as upgrades or patches. They are located in the
admin directory and provide a wrapper on the UTL_RECOMP package. The utlrp.sql script simply calls the utlprp.sql
script with a command line parameter of “0”. The utlprp.sql accepts a single integer parameter that indicates the level of
parallelism as follows.
0 – The level of parallelism is derived based on the CPU_COUNT parameter.
1 – The recompilation is run serially, one object at a time.
N – The recompilation is run in parallel with “N” number of threads.
Both scripts must be run as the SYS user, or another user with SYSDBA, to work correctly.

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