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Which of the following would help identify how green an organisation currently is?
A. Add power meters to your servers.
B. Add screen savers to your PCs.
C. Add colour to your network printers.
D. Add redundancy to your storage devices.
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following describes Carbon Neutrality?
A. Eliminating CO2 emissions from product manufacture.
B. Maintaining CO2 emissions at a pre-defined agreed level.
C. Balancing CO2 emissions with an equivalent offset amount.
D. Matching CO2 emissions between defined business areas.
Correct Answer: C


Which of the following is a Framework that can be used to implement Green IT systems?
A. The IT Infrastructure Library.
B. The Environmental Systems Method.
C. The Green Data Centre Toolkit.
D. The Custom Development Framework.
Correct Answer: A


Your organisation has introduced a cost reduction strategy. How can your green IT programme help?
A. Maximise equipment usage, minimise energy usage.
B. Decrease power management, increase data redundancy.
C. Maximise application security, minimise employee collaboration.
D. Increase desktop applications, decrease server applications.
Correct Answer: A


Which of these is NOT an example of a Carbon Offsetting scheme?
A. Supplying new solar cookers in Indonesia.
B. Providing new for old car tyres in the United Kingdom.
C. Generating hydropower without dams in Fiji.
D. Making electricity from landfill in South Africa.
Correct Answer: B


How can adopting Green IT principles benefit an organisation\\’s reputation?
A. It demonstrates the organisation\\’s competitiveness to government.
B. It demonstrates the organisation\\’s aspirations to customers.
C. It demonstrates the organisation\\’s buying needs to suppliers.
D. It demonstrates the organisation\\’s commitment to charity.
Correct Answer: B


What is the best slogan for a Green IT strategy?
A. Plan, Prepare, Proceed.
B. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
C. Less servers, Less paper, Less PCs.
D. People, Product, Premises.
Correct Answer: B


What type of person is likely to benefit most from being set measurable targets within a Green IT programme?
A. Someone who constantly belittles the team and its achievements.
B. Someone who believes it is too late for the project to make a difference.
C. Someone who is committed but wants to do everything at once.
D. Someone who only participates if it helps their career opportunities.
Correct Answer: C


ITU is the U81N agency for information and communication technologies. What does ITU stand for?
A. Information Technology Unit.
B. International Telecommunications Union.
C. Intergovernmental Terminals Upgrade.
D. International Treaties Unlimited.
Correct Answer: B


How often should you review your Green IT Action Plan?
A. At least annually.
B. At least biannually.
C. At least weekly.
D. At least monthly.
Correct Answer: A


You have started a Green IT programme. Which of these is a critical success factor?
a.Developing staff with the right knowledge and skills.
b.Defining clear staff roles and responsibilities.
c.Establishing and maintaining stakeholder buy-in.
d.Establishing staff disciplinary procedures and penalties.
A. c and d.
B. a and d.
C. b, c and d.
D. a, b and c.
Correct Answer: D


What is the best definition of a Carbon Footprint?
A. The amount of greenhouse gas emitted within a defined geographical area.
B. The amount of greenhouse gas emitted by extracting minerals.
C. The amount of greenhouse gas emitted by an organisation.
D. The amount of greenhouse gas emitted minus the amount of carbon offsetting.
Correct Answer: C


Which of the following is amongst the five marketing actions an organisation should take when greening
their brand?
a) Be accountable.
b) Be transparent.
c) Be credible.
d) Be an enabler.
A. a and d only.
B. a and b only.
C. b, c and d only.
D. a, b, c and d.
Correct Answer: D

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