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Which of the following statements are true regarding the difference between compounding and concatenation?
A. Compounding is easier to filter in queries because the objects are separate whereas with concatenation, the key
string needs to be masked
B. Compounding is easier for users to understand because it is based on a 1:1 object mapping but concatenation is
more complex for users to understand and decipher
C. Concatenation uses a single key value but compounding uses more than one
D. Adding key fields in concatenation is easier because only the transformation needs to be changed but in
compounding structures need to be changed and data re-loaded
E. Compounding is supported in the definition of the info object whereas concatenation requires the creation of new
database tables
Correct Answer: ABCD


XML would be good for: Choose the correct answer(s):
A. Loading a shopping cart from an Internet application.
B. Efficiently loading 10,000 records.
C. Extracting from an SAP R/3 system.
D. Extracting from another BI system.
Correct Answer: A


You need to transfer delta data and ensure Full Quality of Service. You are using an SAP Business Warehouse Web
service. Which SAP Process Integration (SAP PI) adapter do you use?
A. SAP PI File Transfer Protocol adapter
B. SAP PI ABAP proxy communication adapter
C. SAP PI Remote Function Call adapter
D. SAP PI Simple Object Access Protocol Call adapter
Correct Answer: B

Using the Remodeling Toolbox, lnfoObjects can be changed without having to delete or reload master data. Determine
Whether this statement is true or false.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following are types of SAP BW Info cubes?
A. Multicube
B. Inverted cube
C. Virtual cube
D. Relational cube
E. Basic cube
Correct Answer: ACE


The PSA consists of a transparent table for sorting the detailed request in the format of the Transfer structure. Determine
the statement True or False.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following are benefits of the DSO?
A. Overwrite capability.
B. Reporting.
C. Data Compression.
D. Store data on the document level.
E. None of the above
Correct Answer: ABD


Your customer converts LSA to LSA++ and needs to streamline the enterprise data warehouse layer. What action Do you take?
A. Reduce the number of persistent InfoProviders.
B. Apply the SAP Business Warehouse workspace layer
C. Migrate all SAP Business Warehouse objects to SAP HANA optimized objects
D. Apply the Open ODS layer.
Correct Answer: A


A navigational attribute: Choose the correct answer(s):
A. Must be allowed on the InfoObject.
B. Must be enabled for all providers where it should be used.
C. Provides a different view of “history” compared to the same InfoObject in the DIM.
D. Is a field on a dimension table.
Correct Answer: ABC


Open ODS Views enable you to define SAP BW data models for objects like database tables, database views or BW
DataSources (for direct access). Determine Whether this statement is true or false.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A


Business Content available for SAP BW on SAP HANA uses the LSA++ design concept with a DataSource, a Corporate
Memory, and a persistent propagator ADSO. Determine Whether this statement is true or false.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following is required to perform currency conversion in an SAP HANA information model?
A. An inner join is required between the Open ODS View measures and the exchange rate table
B. A set of technical tables are required to store currencies and exchange rate types and rates
C. Setting a semantic type to a measure so the amount always includes a currency
D. Storing the currency and the exchange rate on the day of the transaction will improve performance
E. An interface to define how the currency conversion should be processed
Correct Answer: BCE


Temporal conditions can be defined on columns of the following data types: timestamp, date, and text. Determine
Whether this statement is true or false.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B

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