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The Supplier Management process must define several formal policies and procedures to cover possible events in the
service provider-supplier relationship.
According to ISO/IEC 20000-1, what would not be defined?
A. Complaints procedure
B. Contractual disputes
C. Early termination of the contract
D. Transfer of service
Correct Answer: A


One of the activities of Problem Management is the analysis of historical Incident and Problem data held in the
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) in order to understand trends. Which aspect of Problem Management
accomplishes this?
A. Error Control
B. Identification of root causes
C. Proactive Problem Management
D. Problem Control
Correct Answer: C


Staff competencies and training needs shall be reviewed and managed. Why is this necessary?
A. To enable employees to perform their role effectively
B. To help staff to further their career
C. To improve service reporting
D. To reduce the operational cost of the organization
Correct Answer: A


Which process has the objective of helping to control the IT infrastructure by maintaining a logical model of the IT
infrastructure and IT services?
A. Budgeting and accounting for services
B. Capacity management
C. Change management
D. Configuration management
Correct Answer: D


What is used for the assessment of maturity of organizations?
Correct Answer: A


A Release policy needs to be documented and agreed. What must be included in the Release policy?
A. an analysis of the success or failure of
B. Releases Requests For Change (RFCs)
C. the frequency and type of Releases D. the Release dates
Correct Answer: C


Which process is responsible for providing information about the IT infrastructure to all other processes?
A. Capacity management
B. Change management
C. Configuration management
D. Problem management
Correct Answer: C


Which factor partly determines the priority of an Incident?
A. the category
B. the impact
C. the requisite resources
D. the wishes of the customer
Correct Answer: B


What can be improved by achieving quality objectives?
A. Effectiveness of the service
B. Personal satisfaction of the Configuration Manager
C. Relationship with interested suppliers
D. Relationship with unauthorized patties
Correct Answer: A


What is a valid description of an IT service?
A. A service as defined in the Service catalogue
B. A service that is deemed critical by the customer
C. Something of value delivered using IT, that is provided to a customer
D. Strategic support provided to a customer
Correct Answer: C


Which of the following is a best practice concerning information security risk assessment?
A. Information security risk assessments should be carried out by an external auditor to maintain objectivity.
B. Information security risk assessments should be performed as a result of the review of every incident.
C. Information security risk assessments should be performed at agreed intervals and be maintained during changes.
D. Information security risk assessments should be performed once a year.
Correct Answer: C


A number of new PCs have been installed at a company\\’s offices. For which activity was the Configuration
management process responsible?
A. Establishing the correct links in the Local Area Network
B. Installing software
C. Making available the necessary user\\’s manuals
D. Recording data regarding the PCs
Correct Answer: D


How should the requirements for Service continuity and availability be identified?
A. These should be identified based upon historical data for major incidents and their business impact on the
B. These should be identified on the basis of customer satisfaction investigations, so that the real user needs can be
C. These should be identified based upon the business priorities, Service level agreements (SLAs) and assessed risks.
D. These should be made up from service requirements and SLAs if available.
Correct Answer: C


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