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Cisco CCNP Wireless 300-365 Exam Practice Questions

What is the default NMSP echo interval between a Mobility Services Engine and Wireless LAN Controller?
A. 30 Seconds
B. 15 Seconds
C. 10 Seconds
D. 60 Seconds
Correct Answer: B


A customer has “quiet” wireless clients that use static IP addresses. Which two WLAN configurations are required for
these wireless clients to connect properly? (Choose two.)
A. Disable DHCP address assignment required.
B. Enable passive client.
C. Disable allow AAA override.
D. Enable static IP tunneling.
E. Disable DHCP server override.
Correct Answer: A


An engineer is integrating a new Cisco Mobility Services Engine with Cisco Prime Infrastructure to use Cisco CMX
Location Analytics. Which action is required?
A. Enable Context Aware and CMX Browser Engage
B. Enable tracking parameters in Cisco Mobility Service Engine
C. Set history parameters in Cisco Mobility Service Engine
D. Install Cisco Prime infrastructure with floor maps
Correct Answer: B


An engineer used an interface group under the SSID configuration, but noticed that a test client is getting an IP
assigned in a different VLAN from the DHCP server. Which two options override the interface group configuration on the
SSID? (Choose two.)
A. static VLAN on client
C. AP group
D. static IP on client
E. MAC filtering
F. RF group
G. AAA override
Correct Answer: CG


You have just added a new MSE to Prime Infrastructure and want to synchronize the MSE with your 5508 WLC. which
is located behind a firewall in a DMZ. You notice that NMSP messages are failing between the two devices. What traffic
needs to be allowed on the Firewall to ensure the MSE and WLC can communicate using NMSP?
A. UDP 16113
B. TCP 1613
C. TCP 16113
D. UDP 1613
Correct Answer: C


A customer is concerned about the number of associations on the guest WLAN and wants to reduce load to ensure
there are sufficient resources for the High Density WLAN. Which configuration setting meets this need?
A. Change the QoS profile of the guest WLAN to Bronze.
B. Set a low Maximum Allowed Clients on the Guest WLAN.
C. Configure MFP client protection on the high density WLAN.
D. Enable DHCP Profiling and restrict guest devices using a policy map.
Correct Answer: B


Scenario The East-WLC-2504A controller has a problem. When configuration changes are made to the Employees-East-
Wing AP Group that covers the East-Wing, none of the APs receive the updates. Refer to the exhibits to determine
where the problems are.lead4pass 300-365 exam question q7

Note, not all menu items, text boxes, or radio buttons are active.

lead4pass 300-365 exam question q7-1

Which four changes must be made in the configuration of the East-WLC-2504A controller to restore functionality to the
Employees-East-Wing AP Group? (Choose four.)
A. Change the AP in the Employees-East-Wing AP Group.
B. Change the IP Address in the east-wing interface.
C. Change the VLAN Identifier in the east-wing interface.
D. Enable Dynamic AP Management in the east-wing interface.
E. Change the Port Number to 2 in the east-wing interface.
F. Add the Primary Controller and IP address to the 3700-East-Wing AP.
G. Change the SSID in the Employees-East-Wing AP Group.
H. Change the Interface/Interface Group in the Employees-East-Wing AP Group.
Correct Answer: DFGH


A customer is concerned that the mesh network will not converge quickly enough because of the 20 percent premium
that is given to the selected parent. What is the purpose of the premium?
A. It speeds up convergence.
B. It uses SNR, regardless of the premium.
C. It prevents link flapping.
D. It creates a list of other potential parents.
Correct Answer: C


By default, how long does a Mobility Services Engine wait for an echo response from a Wireless LAN Controller before
declaring the neighbor dead?
A. 10 Seconds
B. 60 Seconds
C. 15 Seconds
D. 30 Seconds
Correct Answer: D


A wireless engineer at a convention center has been asked to provision an SSID that can accommodate 4,000 users
during a conference. Which interface group configuration should be used?
A. One interface with /20 mask
B. Two interfaces with /21 mask
C. Four interfaces with /22 mask
D. Eight interfaces with /23 mask
Correct Answer: D


An engineer has installed a new voice WLAN. Which three configurations would the engineer verify for QoS on the
controller? (Choose three.)
A. client load balancing
B. DHCP address assignment required
C. Platinum QoS for the VoWLAN
D. IEEE 802.1X and Cisco Centralized Key Management
E. WMM allowed
F. client band select
Correct Answer: ACE


An engineer is attempting to send multicast data to all multicast routers in the network with ID 338789750. Which IP
address should be used?
Correct Answer: B

A network engineer is experiencing issues enabling LAG on the WLC. Which four characteristics should be validated to
ensure LAG configuration? (Choose four.)
A. ll ports participate in the LAG by default when LAG is enabled on the controller. y
B. Dynamic interfaces and management are moved to port 1
C. Primary and secondary ports are needed for each interface.
D. Multiple untagged interfaces to the same port are not allowed.
E. EtherChannel must be configured for mode “on” on the switch.
F. Only one functional physical port is needed to continue to pass traffic.
G. Multiple LAGs are permitted on the controller.
H. The WLC does not need to be rebooted to enable the LAG configuration.
Correct Answer: ADEF

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